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About me | Daria Nechepurenko

About me

Daria is a 19 years old (not anymore :) i am 20...) beautiful girl from Latvia. I saw her for the first time in Gålå (unfortunately the worst trip in her life) and from the first moment i have been.... (mmm this is not about me, so...).

Daria is a girl like no other; she has something what I can't describe, I just feel it. I hope that following text will describe Daria at least some percents of "her".

From the first moment she was very friendly... Conversation with Daria is just pleasure. She knows a lot of things and I can speak with her about everything. Daria is also able to listen and understand very good (she understands me even when I'm making mistakes speaking English...).

I know that daria is

...really clever girl who knows many languages - absolutely more then I can say "hello" with them. It is no wonder that she works as a translator.

Daria is a dancing queen! She had been dancing for 10 years in Riga and dancing with her is something more than just dancing. It's impossible to overlook her on a full dance floor although she is not so tall.

Daria is independent, ambitious and powerful girl with the highest targets. She knows what she wants (but not always).

Daria is ticklish!!! It's cooooool and really funny.

I know that she likes

...taking pictures, which is perfect. Daria is the first girl in the World who always smiles for my camera. All Daria's pictures are amazing (like she is).

She likes chocolate like no other... She likes everything sweet and it's probably a reason why she is so sweet, too.

She likes fashion and nice clothes. She is really keen on shopping. I saw it. But she can look perfect with a 10 years old t-shirt and with***. ;-)

Daria adores her cat  Musjka. I didn't see this cat but she has to have something common with Daria. Maybe daria's green eyes are like a cat's eyes... The cat is a symbol of agility, mystery, magic and, of course, symbol of "sweet thing"...

Daria has

...the nicest smile in the world and I'm happy when she is laughing due to me or when she is laughing at me. Her smile is like a caress.